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Shy Willow Story Book

Shy Willow Story Book

  • $ 1799

Willow, a painfully shy rabbit who lives in an abandoned mailbox, plucks up her courage to journey on the grandest adventure ever.

The outdoors can be scary for a small rabbit, and Willow’s favorite quiet and cozy place to be is inside her cheerily multihued mailbox, where her pencil drawings are tacked all over the walls. One day, a letter flutters in through the slot—a letter addressed to the moon. In it, a child’s scrawl asks the moon to please shine big and bright for his mother’s birthday tomorrow. Alas, who will deliver the letter to the moon on such short notice? Could Willow do it? Min’s sweet illustrations convey Willow’s hesitation, her determination, her fear—and her dejection as the moon proves difficult to reach. Even after a wondrous soaring flight on birdback (so hopeful!) is thwarted by a gust of wind, she perseveres, voyaging to the moon in a way only she and her trusty sketchbook together could have achieved. Willow is a white rabbit, and the few humans depicted have light skin and cartoony features with dots for eyes. But Min’s soft, colorful illustrations (as well as a rabbit protagonist making her way in a human world) give readers a magical feeling from the beginning, and the climax is lovely to behold. They make this otherwise slight story worth a look.