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Mackinac Island Market Bag With Long Handles

Mackinac Island Market Bag With Long Handles

  • $ 6500

We love our Mackinac Island tote bag. Drop it into your bike basket, swing it around your shoulder, or put it out for decoration and place some throws in it. The possibilities are endless.

This listing is for one Mackinac Island market tote bag with long handles. 

  • Your Long-Lasting Bag: Apolis believes you want a product of enduring quality, so this durable bag is made to last at least 8 years and carry over 100 lbs
  • Your Purchase Helps Break a Poverty Cycle: The mothers who handcraft your bag receive Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund; on how this approach is changing people's lives, with 180,000 bags and counting
  • A Waterproof Carryall: With a waterproof interior that's easy to wipe clean, spills are not a problem

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